A Few Helpful Websites and A Desktop App for Photographers

I got up early and thought about photographing the sunrise this morning. Before heading out, I always walk out in the back yard and take a look. That's always a good start. Another thing to check is your local weather, but that doesn't always cut it either.

Today there was a heavy marine layer. I couldn't see one star above me. It could possibly be a beautiful sunrise, and the marine layer may not be as heavy at the location I'm shooting. Where do I get more information?

Some factors are; What time of year it is? Where does the sun actually come up? Will the sunrise be lined up, or even in close proximity to the subject that I have in mind? Oh, and what time does it actually rise? I wasn't sure, so I went to check a few things on my computer.

Here's a couple of website's and a desktop app I use before heading out. Whether it be for a sunrise, sunset, low tide, high tide, or meteor showers, you name it, these help me a ton.

There are a few mobile apps I use, but I've got to get out for sunrise right? If you're interested in those, drop me a note and I'll share those as well. I hope these come in handy for you.

The Photographer's Ephemeris - Free download for desktop and paid mobile app available. Update: 

Clear Sky Chart 

Dark Sky Finder - Light pollution in and near your city. (United States)

Tide Forecast