Photo published in newly released book

I got a call today from Pelem Press out of London. One of my photos is featured in the newly released book, "Not the Same Tree" by Angela Dyer. A very exciting way to start the new year.

The photo was taken at Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve in Dartmoor National Park. I visited the park several times while staying in Tavistock, England, in Devon. Beautiful place to visit if you have the opportunity.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year ahead. Best regards!

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This book aims to open your eyes to the extraordinary nature and diversity of trees. You don’t have to hug them, though you can; merely being among trees not only reduces stress - as is now proven - but feeds the imagination and the soul. Their company slows us down, as their roots put us in touch with our own. In writing this book Angela Dyer has unearthed from her memory a lifelong love of trees. From childhood in Oxfordshire to the several different lives that have taken her from northeast Scotland to southern Spain and most recently to northern France - with many stops in between - she has collected the images and impressions of trees that were the inspiration for the book.