DSLR Controller Application for Android Devices

This year I finally purchased a tablet after years of debating which brand/model to go with. I wanted one to use as an external monitor for photography in the field rather than using my bulky laptop. (Laptop batteries die quick as well, at least mine does). I needed WiFi only, but I also wanted something with a usb or micro usb port. After reading reviews, checking out different brands and models, I went with the Nexus 7. I've been very happy with it so far. I'd recommend it if you're looking into purchasing a tablet, but I'm not here to review the Nexus 7.

Check out DSLR Controller $9 if you're an Android user. It's an app allowing you to fully control your Canon DSLR camera from your Android device. Not only that, if you have both an Android phone and tablet, they can be used together to trigger your camera wirelessly.

Here are some videos that helped convince me that not only was the Nexus 7 a good choice for me, but to ditch my iPhone. I needed an Android phone to trigger my camera wirelessly, right? Glad I did, I've been really satisfied with my switch to Android and using the DSLR Controller app.


Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSSaNopiEIU