Julia Completes Her AKC Scent Work Excellent Container Title & Advanced Buried Title

Julia and I attended the AKC Scent Work Trials at the Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg on Saturday. She completed her Excellent Container Title placing 1st and her Advanced Buried Title placing 3rd. This girl never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks to the hosting club, judges, volunteers and other competitors. Super fun time!

Special thanks to Kim Langevin at Crystal Creek Designs for the action photos.

Julia Completes Her AKC Scent Work Advanced Interior Title

Julia and I had a fun weekend attending the AKC Scent Work Trials hosted by the Obedience Club of Daytona in Daytona Beach, Florida. The weekend consisted of four nose work trials over two days.

We competed in Advanced Interiors, Advanced Buried and Excellent Containers. Over the two days of trials Julia completed her Advanced Interior Title. She was two for two in Advanced Interiors, two for two in Advanced Buried and two of four in Excellent Containers taking 4th place in one of the container searches.

Below is a video that a friend took of our first Advanced Buried run. Julia seemed to take her time in finding the hides but perhaps she was just being thorough.☺In the end she cleared the area before time expired and that’s what counts. I am super proud of my girl. I was quite surprised by the spectators reaction when I called finish. Such a fun sport.

Julia Goes For Her NW3

Been awhile since I've checked in. Since Logan passed away last year, I've stepped back a tad from photography and engaged with my other dog Julia. During Logan's illness, she kind of took a backseat. 

Prior to moving to Florida, Julia and I were involved in the sport of canine nose work, also known as scent work. We have competed with the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW). Julia has her NW1 and NW2 titles. Before leaving California, we tried for her NW3 title but weren't ready. We came up way short.

Just last month we competed in the NACSW NW3 down in Tequesta, Florida. Again, we fell short but improved tremendously. We found 6 of 9 hides for 72.92 on the day. Not enough to title (100.00 needed) but a fun day none the less. We were successful in the containers and vehicles. We missed 1 hide on the interiors and 2 hides on the exteriors. Always a learning experience. We'll get em' next time. Very proud of my girl.

Below are video's of our searches that day. Interiors were not filmed. We'll be competing in the AKC Scent Work Trials in Daytona Beach, Florida next month.