Large Panorama's Installed at Yahoo Inc. Playa Vista, California Office

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Yahoo Incorporated out of Los Angeles, California. They were interested in a few of my images for their Playa Vista, California office.

Today, I received word that the install is complete along with a couple of snapshots to share. Both are panorama photographs; one is located in the cafe and the other in the hallway. Top image is Port of Los Angeles and bottom photo is of Catalina Island.

Was hoping to visit the Yahoo Los Angeles office during my scheduled trip to California in September. Unfortunately, that trip has been postponed, but I hope to see them in person very soon. Big thank you to Yahoo Inc.

Cabrillo Beach Photo Painted by Award Winning Artist Tony Podue

Late last year I received an email from an artist out of California requesting permission to paint one of my photographs. It just so happened to be award winning artist Tony Podue.

I was very excited and interested to see how one of my photographs would translate into a painted piece of art. How honored I was to have one of my images selected. Wow! After a few emails back and forth, Tony was off and painting.

Just this month, Tony shared the painting with me via email and posted it to his San Pedro Gallery on his website. I was very impressed and thrilled to say the least. Just got word that a Giclee' of the painting is on it's way and I cannot wait to see it. Thank you Tony!

The photo - Cabrillo Beach is in San Pedro, California and was one of my go-to places while living in the area. Cabrillo Beach in particular is in decent alignment to photograph sunrises and sunset seascapes throughout the year. Not too many places you can do that.

This particular location is where I found myself during my last two years of living in Southern California. I went there often, not only for great photography opportunities, but was able to find myself again; spiritually and emotionally. Lifetime friends were made in San Pedro, California. I'll never forget the place, the people, the times, and this painting will only make it all the more special. ♥

The artist - Tony Podue is a second generation artist that prefers to paint in acrylics and oils. His artistic style of choice tends to favor photo-realism. He is an award winning artist and has won more than 500+ awards in local, national and international juried art competitions. His art is part of several personal collections, and soon to be on permanent display in planned new museum which will be located in Los Angeles, California.

Be sure to check out more of Tony Podue's work at

Artist statement:

I generally select images to paint that both capture my attention and hold it, are genuinely unique and posses aesthetic appeal. As someone who lived in San Pedro most of my life, this image brings out the best of what the town has to offer. A friend of mine who is a fisherman that frequents the area, was surfing the web saw your image, and brought to my attention. I was captivated and felt it would be something I’d want paint and hang in my home. What I like is most about the image is it was taken early morning, perhaps the most interesting part of the day, coupled with the spectacular explosion of colors, in a setting I’d never get tired of. I tried to do it justice, if others like it too, well, that is all the better.
— Tony Podue

The Corner Store - San Pedro, California - June 7th & 14th

I'll be back at The Corner Store in San Pedro, California showing some new canvases and prints. Join me Saturday, June 7th and Saturday, June 14th from 9am to 3pm. Yep, two consecutive Saturdays.

If you have never visited The Corner Store, it's an excellent place for coffee, pastries, sandwiches, burgers and some very friendly people. A block away from the beach with stunning cliff views of the Pacific Ocean. A great way to spend a summer day.

A Few Helpful Websites and A Desktop App for Photographers

I got up early and thought about photographing the sunrise this morning. Before heading out, I always walk out in the back yard and take a look. That's always a good start. Another thing to check is your local weather, but that doesn't always cut it either.

Today there was a heavy marine layer. I couldn't see one star above me. It could possibly be a beautiful sunrise, and the marine layer may not be as heavy at the location I'm shooting. Where do I get more information?

Some factors are; What time of year it is? Where does the sun actually come up? Will the sunrise be lined up, or even in close proximity to the subject that I have in mind? Oh, and what time does it actually rise? I wasn't sure, so I went to check a few things on my computer.

Here's a couple of website's and a desktop app I use before heading out. Whether it be for a sunrise, sunset, low tide, high tide, or meteor showers, you name it, these help me a ton.

There are a few mobile apps I use, but I've got to get out for sunrise right? If you're interested in those, drop me a note and I'll share those as well. I hope these come in handy for you.

The Photographer's Ephemeris - Free download for desktop and paid mobile app available. Update: 

Clear Sky Chart 

Dark Sky Finder - Light pollution in and near your city. (United States)

Tide Forecast 

Good time today at The Corner Store

There was a decent crowd on hand today at The Corner Store. Good people, blues music, and a craft fair.

The weather this morning was a cool 39°, but it warmed up enough to be a pleasant day. The Alibi Blues Band was on hand and performed a couple a nice sets. Lots of good food, fun and the owner Peggy, was an excellent host.

"That's so Pedro" was on hand to record a podcast for San Pedro's "what's happening" website. Met a few new people and some old friends came down to check it out.

Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a fun event. I was happy to be a part of it.

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