Intentional Camera Movement Photography - Revisited

Back in 2016, I started experimenting with intentional camera movement photography or ICM. You can read the original post here. I wanted to briefly revisit the subject and share a few of my favorite new images.

As I mention in my first blog post, the idea on intentional camera movement photography is to introduce blur into the photograph using a slow shutter speed. Shutter speed should be somewhere between 1/4 of a second up to a few seconds while moving the camera vertically or horizontally. This technique can create some wonderful abstract photos.

Tip - When pressing the shutter button, move the camera slow for a shot and then try it faster. Results vary tremendously, so experiment, try different shutter speeds and move the camera at a slower or quicker motion. This is a total trial and error process. Have fun!

Now more than ever, I find intentional camera movement photography a super-fun way to try new things with no rules. Most times, multiple images are required to achieve “the shot” that I’m looking for, but it’s all worth it.

California Pacific Ocean Abstract - 2.4 seconds at F10

Florida Seascape Abstract - 0.5 seconds at F36

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Intentional Camera Movement Photography - Ocean Wave Series

Earlier this year I started experimenting with a technique that I wasn't too familiar with. The technique is called "Intentional Camera Movement Photography" or ICM. The idea is to introduce blur into the photograph using a slow shutter speed (Somewhere between 1/4 of a second up to a few seconds) while moving the camera vertically or horizontally.

Ocean Seascape - 0.4 seconds at F8

Intentional camera movement photography is different from long exposure and camera panning photography. Generally, long exposure photography involves the use of a tripod to avoid shake while producing a sharp, in-focus image of fixed structures. Night shots, car headlights, fishing docks, etc. Camera panning photography uses a low shutter speed while following a moving car, bicycle or surfer.

Some photographers may frown on ICM as they do at HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography but I find it quite fun to do and pleasing to the eye. I've only experimented with ocean seascapes but look forward to trying it on other subjects. My philosophy is to try something new, experiment, learn, have fun, repeat.

Ocean Art Wave Photography Series -

This morning I went to the beach and tried a slight variation of the intentional camera movement photography technique. Rather than moving the camera vertically or horizontally, the lens is either zoomed in or out while the shutter is open. While this is nothing new, I had yet to try it. Interesting results. Let me know your thoughts.

Beach Seascape Abstract - 0.6 seconds at F22

California to Florida, the new chapter begins...

After many years of living, working and playing in California, I find myself relocating to Florida. On one hand it's hard to let go of what I know and love, and on the other hand, it's good to say hello to the things I've loved and missed for so many years. I have a great opportunity ahead and I'm going to dive straight in.

Logan, Julia and myself made the 2600 mile drive and what a journey it was. From narrowly escaping floods in Arizona to dealing with hot weather the entire way, we arrived safely here in our new home of Vero Beach, Florida. 

As I begin to settle in, I hope to start capturing the beauty of both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of Florida. It will probably take me some time to find my way, so please be patient.  If you have suggestions on shoots, locations, adventures, have questions or wish to inquire about my services, please drop me an email. I'd love to hear from you. Cheers!

Sunday, December 8th in San Pedro, CA - Art Show and Music

I'll be showing my photographs this Sunday, December 8th at The Corner Store from 9am to 3pm.

The Alibi Blues Band will be performing from noon to 3pm.

Local San Pedro, California artists will have all kinds of art on display and for sale.

Excellent burgers, sandwiches, and crazy selection of sodas. Stop by and say hi, grab a bite, then hit the beach. Fun store, and great area to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The Corner Store - San Pedro, California  Photo courtesy of Yelp.  Click photo and check out the Yelp reviews.

The Corner Store - San Pedro, California

Photo courtesy of Yelp.

Click photo and check out the Yelp reviews.